Sat Nam Sisters, 


The wish for Women to unite and gather is at an all time high! The Women’s Consciousness Collective  is vibrating on a very high frequency and we want to step into that beautiful nurturing high female healing energy together! 

We truly hope you can take time out of your schedules to join us and take this opportunity to treat yourself to something beautiful and nourishing. When Women gather together something very special happens. We uplift each other, we heal each other, we support each other just by being in each others Presence. It is a very beautiful and powerful Gift that we all carry inside and so sharing it with others is something that comes natural to us. When we allow ourselves to become soft, and open up to the Wisdom within us and listen to what our bodies, spirit and soul have to tell us, we can receive some profound Wisdom. We hope that we can support you in tapping into this Wisdom by being together, doing workshops that help you go deep and access the places you normally may not connect with, and by sharing perhaps your story with other women, or listen to the stories of other women, and so create a beautiful setting for growth, healing and tranformation. Which, in the end, only brings you closer to your Essence ... 

We also choose Formentera, Spain to hold our Women's retreat because Formentera is a very feminine island and has a high energy, beauty, calm and bounty to it. And Formentera is known her healing turquoise waters. Aren't these all wonderful qualities of the Feminine and thus a perfect location to relax, rejuvenate and gather in a Circle with your Sisters? We pray you will join us. Sat nam.

Who will be joining you?

Sat Guru Kaur:  an international Kundalini Teacher Trainer of level 1 and 2, who studied directly under the Master Yogi Bhajan. She speaks fluent Spanish, French and English and loves to travel and teach Kundalini Yoga and Somatic Experience (Trauma) Workshops to assist in healing and serving others in Europe, South America and Russia.

She loves to see people prosper and grow with the teachings and healing she offers. She is a passionate teacher who transmits in a modern but authentic way and stays loyal to the tradition that was passed to her. She is a certified Somatic Experience Therapist and assists on SE Trainings around the world. One of her greatest passions is seeing women empower themselves and live their truth. Sat Nam! More info: 

Siridyal Kaur: a personal healer of Yogi Bhajan for several years,  and having been with him in such close contact Siridyal got infused with a deep Love for the Teachings, and particularly the Women's Teachings. She gets really inspired by seeing Women transform and grow through these Teachings and the work she offers and she loves to support them in that process of refinement and personal expansion.

Siridyal is a certified Level 2 Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, a Certified Reiki Level 1, and 2 Healer, a Certified KY Teacher, a certified KY PTSD teacher and a Yoga for Youth Certified teacher. She speaks fluent Dutch, English and some German. She is the mother of 2 lively kids, happily married to Amrit Singh, a KY teacher/lead trainer. They live in Maastricht, The Netherlands.  More info:

Intent of our Retreat with you is to

set the space, tone and Sacred Healing Grounds  for us women to deeply connect with our inner Self, our essence and core, and reach deeply within those places that know, feel, intuit, and guide us on a daily basis. 

We shall take home the tools, wisdom, and magic, so we can create new, nourishing & supportive ways to keep guiding our Journey back to our Essence  each and every moment of our gorgeous lives! 

And the beauty is that this nourishment and connection comes automatically when we are surrounded by other Women. 

So let's JOIN hands collectively and radiate and expand from our hearts! 

Our offering to you include

*  Women’s morning yoga and meditation class

* Gentle evening Yoga/Pranayama/Gong Sessions 

*  Every day a longer Speciality Women’s Workshops  (Pelvic bowl journey, Rebirthing journey with Gong, Somatic Kundalini journey - Trauma/Emotional Release)

*  Women’s Circles & Goddess rituals & tarot card readings

*  Magical Gong Baths

*  Walks in Nature, Beach Time

*  3 deliciously prepared organic & vegan meals by our amazing spiritual chef on the island 

*  Free time & relaxing by the pool

* Healing Sessions upon request (Somatic Experience Sessions/SNR sessions. 100e per session 1.5 hrs).

* Assisted support during the duration of the course 


Delicious vegan, locally sourced (gluten free) organic meals. Let us know if you have any specific diet restrictions or needs. Please email for this. 

Healing Sessions

On site healing sessions with us are available in limited amounts. We can schedule you in during the long afternoon breaks. €100 per session. 

Special Item to Bring

We would like to make a Women's Altar at the Intent Ceremony of our Retreat  with you. So we ask you to please bring a small item that has meaning to you, represents you, relates to you, or inspires and/or guides you so you can place it on the Altar for the duration of our special time together :) 


* We hold the right to make any changes necessary to guarantee a successful retreat.

* If you have any health concerns, please consult with your Dr. if you are ok to participate.

* We do not use Yoga, Healing or any other modalities that are being offered at the Retreat as a way to prevent, diagnose or cure any illness or disease.  

* This is a completely drug free/alcohol free /smoking free retreat. 


Our schedule will look something like this: 


Morning Women's Yoga and Meditation Class

We will be starting the day with a lovely Yoga Set specifically designed for Women, we will end it with a lovely meditation and an set the intent for the day.



A lovely organic prepared meal awaits you!

12:00- 14:00

Specialty Women's Workshop 

Here is where we will make more time to go deeper within certain topics and give you the experience to go strongly within and build up the energy for the whole Retreat.

14:00 - 15:30


A lovely organic prepared meal awaits you!

15:30 - 19:00

Free Time! Yes!

Time to read, swim, take a shower, go for a walk, book a healing, or just sit on the patio and look at the view! We may offer to do little things here as well, all free of choice if you feel like it. 

19:00- 20:30


A lovely organic prepared meal awaits you!

21:00- 21:30

Evening Offering

Every night we will offer something lovely in the evening. It either be Gong, Pranayama or an other delicious surprise! <3

Sat Nam, 

Much Love from us!!  <3


Goddess Fee for Women's Retreat  /  Room Accommodation - 4 Nights - 5 Days

€499 - if registered by APRIL 21st - SHARED ROOM (Layout: 2 people per room. If you are planning on coming with 1 or 2 friends and want to share a room with them, just let us know).

€599 - if registered after APRIL 21st - SHARED ROOM 

--> Add €150 for a private room. 

This fee includes: Lodging (4 nights), 3 organic meals a day, and all classes, circles, gong, Yoga and meditation offerings, etc. This fee does NOT include: air fee, taxi and boat fees to get to and off Island, bike rental, etc..

A non-refundable deposit of €200 is needed by April 21st to RESERVE your spot. Of course you can pay in full or in two installments (deposit first, remainder payment second). 

Note: If you pay the Deposit before April 21st, but the rest of the full pre-reg amount is NOT paid by April 21st, note that the pre-registration price is then no longer applicable.

If you have any Registration or Retreat questions please feel free to e-mail 

Payments can be made to: 

1. Dutch Residents can choose this option:

Account Number: RABO NL 13 0322 6836 10

Routing Number: 122238420

Swift/Bic Code: RABONL2U

Name Account: E. Shilo 

2. Spanish Residents can choose this option:

Account Number: ES60 2100-0546-0801-0112-9710

Swift/Bic Code:  CAIXESBBXXX

Name on Account: Cheryl Baker

3. Paypal Option is:

Paypal can be an option as well. Use email: 

PLEASE BE SURE TO PAY 'for friend' otherwise Paypal charges us a large %

Travel info / arrival times, etc.


Airport: Fly to Airport Spain, Ibiza (airport code: IBZ) 

Airlines: Companies like,,,, are good choices! 

Ferry: Boat/ferry: ,

Taxi service Ibiza:  outside Ibiza airport/at Ibiza port 

Taxi service in Formentera: (+34) 971-322-342

Car Rental: h

Bike Rental:

Address Retreat: Exact address will be given to you after your final payment is received.  

Arrival - Departure Times for Retreat


ARRIVALS:  as of 15:00 hour

(there will be NO lunch served on Wed - but of course a Dinner is included)


DEPARTURE: after Lunch. No later than 15:00PM

(Plan about 1-1.5 hour of needing to get to the retreat from the airport)

You can stay longer at the Retreat Location if you wish. Just let us know for how long, how many people,  so we can tell the owner and she will book that directly with you. 

Packing List Suggestion

Water Bottle

Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat

Bathing suit 

Beach towel (we can not use lodgings' towels)

Comfy light colored clothing for Yoga and Meditation

Comfy clothing for outside classes/getting around as well :) 

PJ's/house slippers

Flip flops

A large enough meditation shawl to lie under and meditate with

Pillow to sit on

Yoga Mat or sheepskin/woolen mat (We can NOT use any items from the rooms for the Yoga/Med, etc) 


Date & Time:

May 24, 2019, 3:00 PM - May 28, 2019 - 3:00 PM

      Contact information

                     Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! We are here for you :) 

                   Sat Guru Kaur:   WhatsApp: +34-657.47.58.45 (speaks English, French and Spanish)

                   Siridyal Kaur:       WhatsApp: +31-622.35.36.45 (speaks Dutch, English, and some German)


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